TDA SPCS Apprentice General Standards Classroom Training

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TDA SPCS General Standards Classroom training is the required training for all new employees, commercial and non-commercial, controlling pest in or on commercial and residential properties.


This course will provide at least two (2) hours of classroom training in each of the following general standards training subjects:

    (A) federal and state laws regulating structural pest control and pesticide application;
    (B) recognition of pests and pest damage;
    (C) pesticide labels and label comprehension;
    (D) pesticide safety;
    (E) environmental protection;
    (F) application equipment and techniques;
    (G) pesticide formulations and actions;
    (H) emergency procedures, pesticide cleanup, and procedures for immediate reporting of spills and misapplication;
    (I) basic principles of mathematics, chemistry, toxicology, and entomology; and
    (J) non-chemical pest control techniques, including biological, mechanical, and integrated pest management techniques.
*For complete details refer to 7.132 Requirements for Apprentice Registration.